ReFire Quick Connect with XT60

Was: $7.99
Now: $4.99

•  XT60 Connector  
•  Fits Most 550 and 775 Series Style Motors  
•  Adjustable Clock Angle in 45° Increments  
•  Unrestricted Air Flow to Motor Vents  
•  40 Amp Rated Current Capacity    
•  Dimensions (without connector): 2.03” x 1.58” x 0.37”  
•  Weight: 0.6 oz  
•  Package Contents: PCB, Bottom Spacer, Top Spacer, PCB Cover, 2 Cable Ties, XT60 Connector*  

Due to the direct solder connection to the PCB copper plane, a high power soldering iron and proficient soldering skills are required in order to properly assemble this adapter.

Assembly Instructions


*motor, mating connector, and connector retention cable tie not included